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Pelosi's Archbishop Bars Her from Communion over Abortion Stance: It's a 'Grave Moral Evil'

The archbishop of San Francisco says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer be able to receive communion until she repents of and repudiates her “advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion.” Read More

Pastor Shares How God Strengthened His Faith following an Inoperable Brain Cancer Diagnosis at 18 Years Old

A Columbus, Ohio pastor recently opened up about how God strengthened his faith after he was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor as a teenager. Read More

Angel Studios Announces $100 Million in New Family Content in Alternative to Hollywood

Angel studio has announced more than $100 million in new original content during an investor’s event last week. The studio hopes to produce stories that “amplify light” in a world filled with darkness through its content. Read More

7 Ways to Honor Vets This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is approaching. Are you looking for ways to do more this year to honor those who sacrificed to preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy? Memorial Day is a day to honor and commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that so many brave men and women have made, so it is certainly a day to…

Russell Moore Calls Actions of SBC Leaders ‘Blasphemy’ following Release of Sex Abuse Report

Former Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President Russell Moore penned a column for Christianity Today over the weekend expressing his rage over the findings of the Guidepost Solutions investigation into sex abuse within the SBC. Read More

Praise as Warfare

Praise is adoration of God for who He is, His person, His character, His names. It is loving God because He is God. The Bible gives more exhortations to praise than to pray, because God is altogether lovely, holy, and completely worthy of our worship. Reasons to praise Praise is the atmosphere of the throne…

He’s Your God

He’s your God in the sunshine, He’s your God in the rain, He’s your God in the laughter, He’s your God in the pain. He’s your God in the springtime, He’s your God in the fall, He’s your God in the silence, He’s your God in the call. He’s your God in the quiet, He’s…

Hunt resigns from NAMB, named in Guidepost report

ALPHARETTA (BP) – Longtime pastor and SBC leader Johnny Hunt resigned from his position at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) on May 13, according to a statement from NAMB President Kevin Ezell. Hunt served as the senior vice president of evangelism and leadership since August 2018. He led prominent Southern Baptist church First Baptist…