Chengdu House Church Goes Through Another Persecution Cycle

By Gina Goh  

10/31/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Imagine a day when you return home, only to find that the keyhole to your door has been filled with glue. You are blocked from entering your own home.

Imagine a day when your landlord asks you to move out immediately because you refuse to renounce your faith. When you do not comply, you find that the water, gas, and electricity of your rented property are suddenly cut off.

Imagine a day when you are teaching several children from your church at your home, but the police suddenly break in and arrest you after beating your family, including your young child. Your dogs are also “confiscated” by the police.

We often hear that there is a price to pay when we follow Christ. For members of the heavily targeted Chengdu-based Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), all of the above have become a recurring nightmare, all because they would not budge in and leave their house church regarded by the authorities as a “cult.”

After the December 9 crackdown took place in 2018, where hundreds of ERCC members were arrested along with their leaders after a raid to their church, the local authorities adopted a high-handed policy towards these churchgoers.

ERCC is bearing the brunt of the ongoing clampdown against house churches across China, but it does not mean that other churches have it easier. Nearly every weekend, raids and arrests are reported by brave Chinese Christians through their highly censored social media.

When we get the same news repeatedly, it is only natural for us to feel fatigued and want to look the other way. Yet the hardships and persecution faced by our brothers and sisters in Christ do not fade as we go on to live our lives. The least we can do, is to lift them up with our prayers. When persecution hits them like a raging sea, let us ask God for His protection and provision.

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