I Only Need You, Lord

When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing”. Psalm 145:16 NLT

Who considers these words enough? The hand of God being my chief provision and storehouse, is it not a shame to be anxiously careful for anything? Has the Lord all things in His hand? Then surely I shall receive what He has for me; none will be able to withhold it…you need not, says Christ, seek those other things; they shall be brought to you, if ye only abide in Me. If this does not comfort and strengthen us, nothing else will. -Carl Bogatzky

I only need You, Lord, when the first light of dawn appears in the eastern sky; until the last golden hues of the sunset fade upon the western horizon. I only need You, Lord, when the night sky is over my head.

I only need You, Lord, when I rise up and when I sit down; when I go out and when I come in; when I am quiet and when I am active; when I am alone and when I am with others; when I am healthy and when I am ill; when I am up and when I am down; when I am on the go and when I need to wait.

I only need You, Lord, when my lungs need to breathe; when my blood needs to flow; when my body needs to move; when my muscles need to work; when my mind needs to think; when my heart needs to love.

I only need You, Lord, for as long as birds need flight; for as long as whales need the sea; for as long as clouds need moisture; for as long as wildflowers need raindrops; for as long as sunflowers need the summer sun.

I only need You, Lord for this present moment; for the moment when You take me home; for all the moments in-between; and for all the moments ever after.

By Roy Lessin
Used by Permission

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