India: Outraged Hindu Nationalists Complain Christian School Is Teaching the Bible

A Hindu nationalist group in the southern Indian city of Bangalore recently accused an explicitly Christian private high school of “forcing” the Bible on students of the school by teaching it in class, Bangalore’s The News Minute digital platform reported on Tuesday.

The scientific meltdown over a controversial discovery of ‘biblical Sodom’

(RNS) — The remains of a city’s fiery demise near the Dead Sea have archaeologists at odds. The post The scientific meltdown over a controversial discovery of ‘biblical Sodom’ appeared first on Religion News Service.

Christians Celebrate Easter 2022 – ‘If Christ Has Not Been Raised, Your Faith Is Futile’

Christians celebrate Easter this Sunday, proclaiming the cornerstone of their faith, that Jesus Christ rose from the grave in a bodily resurrection. Alone among the world’s religions, Christians believe that on the third day after his public execution on Good Friday, the founder and focus of their faith rose from the dead.

Christians Observe Good Friday 2022 — 'The Place Called The Skull, There They Crucified Him'

Christians worldwide are observing Good Friday today, the solemn anniversary of Jesus of Nazareth being executed on a wooden cross on a hill outside the walls the Jerusalem in Israel in the year A.D. 30. This is one of the two pivotal days of Holy Week, with the other being Easter Sunday. Christians believe that this was an act of sacrifice of a perfect and sinless person who died in the place of imperfect people to pay for their sins, securing eternal salvation for them.