Liverpool Mayor Tries to Cancel Rev Franklin Graham's 'Hateful' Christian Bus Ads

The mayor for the city region of Liverpool, England has claimed advertisements on buses promoting an appearance by American evangelist Reverend Franklin Graham constitute “hate speech” and should be removed.

Pope Francis: Europe's Demographic Winter a ‘Serious Matter,’ ‘Cannot Be Ignored’

Pope Francis warned again of Europe’s “demographic winter” on Friday, caused by a dangerously low birthrate far beneath replacement levels.

Christians Celebrate Easter 2022 – ‘If Christ Has Not Been Raised, Your Faith Is Futile’

Christians celebrate Easter this Sunday, proclaiming the cornerstone of their faith, that Jesus Christ rose from the grave in a bodily resurrection. Alone among the world’s religions, Christians believe that on the third day after his public execution on Good Friday, the founder and focus of their faith rose from the dead.

Mike Pence Observes Good Friday with Christians Around the World

Former Vice President Mike Pence said on Good Friday he was joining people all over the globe to remember what Jesus Christ did for them.

Woke German City May Drop Historic Cathedral from City Logo

The German city of Cologne is considering dropping a depiction of its historic Christian cathedral from the city’s logo. Some have criticised the proposed change and called for residents to speak out against the city government.